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Camp Amazing

Posted by Lloyd Webbe on August 9, 2011 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

If time is on your side, mild life and wildlife will reveal itself during the seven/nine hour’s drive from Arusha to the luxurious Camp Amazing a.k.a. Camp Semetu. One will quickly learn LUXURY in the African bush can go one on one with LUXURY as you might define it at home. Vehicle transfer can be an axel breaking, dusty, bone-jarring massage-of-a-drive. But the photo-ops will be your reward. To 'cut to the chase' A. D. S. (name abbreviated to highlight the exclusivity) will fly you to a nearby airstrip where you will be met by your experienced, driver/guide who will get you to the camp on time. He will however inform you of every interesting bird, bug or buffalo en route. Serengeti in the language of the Maasai People translates 'extended space'. Just about when your thoughts are, are we there yet you will be greeted with a smiling face offering a refreshing towel and a cold drink. Karibu Semetu (welcome to Semetu). Welcome to the wild world in the African bush, animal kingdom.

Neither bars nor fences, locks nor guns your canvas domain miles away from anything representing man's dominance. A river fronts the camp, inviting thirsty grazers and predators alike. Wild but beautiful, harsh but real, Nature is ever evident as she determines who live or die in the territory A.D.S. have chosen for your adventure safari. Baboon, lion, hyena, gazelle, buffalo, jackal, birds of many colour and song will entertain you by day and by night doing what comes naturally. In record time you will adjust and soak up the tranquility of your surroundings, with the help of your driver and the amazing four at Camp Semetu. Most visitors to Camp Semetu choose a package that includes daily game drives in search of the Big Five that include the illusive leopard. My fishing buddies say that every day is a fishing day but not always a catching day. With game drives I would add, every day is viewing day but.... you know the rest. At least two of the Big Five reside at Camp Semetu. I'll not reveal which two, go and see for yourself. Luxury under canvas!

Your bush experience includes a cozy campfire replete with popcorn or cashews, a hot shower on demand, comfortable bed, in suite facilities, gourmet style dining and a well stocked bar. Service rivals that of five star lodges and hotels; ratio of staff to guest is one to two with a maximum of eight guests. Breakfast will be fresh fruit, porridge, eggs of your style, bacon, frankfurter, toast, coffee or tea, peanut butter and fruit jam (oft. called jelly by you-know-who :lol:). Dinner if you remain in camp during the day is three courses, hot meal. Lunch is carried with you on a game drive. Supper reveals yet another buffet experience and there is always freshly baked bread, at times twice daily. By now you are perhaps wondering why I dubbed Semetu, Amazing.

I have visited bush camps large and small in Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Suriname and in Zimbabwe, each had an individual who wore the title manager. At A.S.D.' efficiently managed camp in the Serengeti there is a chef, a waiter and two untitled individuals who will seamlessly address your every need without missing a beat, managing your dream safari in Africa and at the same time managing themselves.


For more on Camp Semetu contact: Lloyd Webbe [email protected]